Bike Helmet

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Every spring the PTA makes ASTM & ANSI safety approved bike helmets available to all Scribner students, families, staff, faculty and friends, at deeply discounted prices. Bell Sports and National Safe Kids Campaign offer discontinued or overstock styles in an effort to promote safe bike riding. This is not a fund raising activity. The helmets are sold at cost. Shipping is paid by Bell Sports. The helmets are always colorful, stylish and, most importantly, they meet strict safety requirements. Our goal is for everyone we know to always wear a helmet while biking, skateboarding, rollerblading or scootering.


  1. contacting Bell Sports to determine timing, costs, changes to the process, etc.
  2. getting principal approval to participate
  3. sending and collecting bike helmet order forms from the Scribner community; sending reminders via E-News and Scribbles; setting out a collection box in the Main Office
  4. inputting order data into two spreadsheets, sorting by model/size and family/classroom
  5. using this data to complete the Master Order Forms (one for each model) and faxing them to Bell Sports
  6. sending checks with a corresponding deposit slip to the PTA Treasurer; requesting a check for Bell Sports
  7. upon arrival, sorting the helmets, comparing the order to the Master Order Form and reconciling any differences
  8. sorting and labeling the helmets by classroom
  9. distributing the helmets to the classroom teachers