Kids Club

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Kids Club offers a variety of after-school clubs in the springtime for students in grades one through five. In past years, we have offered knitting, arts and crafts, Japanese, card and board games, and mystery clubs have been offered. Parents and teachers with talents they would like to share with students lead each club. A snack is provided. Kids Club is usually held in March and April and meets for four Thursday afternoons after Chess Club is over. It must end before April recess.



  1. meeting with school office staff to set up dates


  1. meeting with committee members to delegate duties
  2. placing an article in Scribbles: “Kids’ Club is coming;” club dates; asking for parents to volunteer to lead or help with a club, soliciting a parent to volunteer to do child care for kindergarten and younger (Child care is offered only for club leaders and volunteers.)
  3. speaking with the Administrative Assistant or other office staff to find teachers/staff to supervise (one for each room), and to find available rooms for the clubs and child care (Note: It is likely that one or more peanut-free rooms will be needed.)


  1. revising prior-year forms with new dates, club information and pick-up information
  2. setting club fees with each club leader making sure to have enough money to contribute towards the purchase snacks and to pay for materials needed for that club (Note: Usually Games Club fees help with this.)
  3. sending forms out, including the Code of Conduct form, with a return-by deadline
  4. dating forms as they are received so you can assign students to clubs on a first-come-first-served basis, especially since some will have a maximum number of students as determined by the Club Leader


  1. sending out confirmations and wait-list letters to students confirming what club they are in
  2. creating attendance sheets for teachers to take attendance each week
  3. creating a participation list for the committee chairperson, with emergency contact info and allergies to have on site each week
  4. providing a list of participants to the School Secretary
  5. contacting the School Nurse if students are registered who have allergies and letting Main Office staff know the number of peanut-free rooms required
  6. confirming classrooms with Main Office staff, along with teachers/staff supervisors
  7. purchasing snacks


  1. floating from club to club checking with teacher on attendance and distributing snacks; if a child is not present, checking with Main Office staff on status for the day and making necessary phone calls
  2. coordinating dismissal — all committee members must stay until the last child is picked up


  1. distributing completed Participation Award Certificates to Main Office staff for distribution
  2. consider giving $5 Dunkin Donuts gift cards to Club Leaders depending on the remaining budget