Movie Night

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Movie Night is an annual event where Scribner families come together in the Bay Trail Cafeteria to watch a children’s movie. It is usually done on a Friday night in March.


  1. choosing a Friday night in March in consultation with the School Secretary at Scribner and the Receptionist at Bay Trail
  2. filling out Room/Equipment request form from the Receptionist at Bay Trail, providing a copy to the School Secretary at Scribner
  3. choosing an appropriate movie that is out on DVD
  4. coordinating the AV equipment from Bay Trail Library personnel
  5. coordinating volunteers to check-in, set-up and clean-up after the event
  6. sending out flyers, school wide announcements and e-mails to advertise the event
  7. collecting RSVPs from families that will attend (must make sure the number stays within max occupancy of BT cafeteria)