This is largely an ensemble show.
Most characters participate in at least 6 group songs.

Solo singing characters are noted.
Most characters are gender fluid (can be shifted from male to female or female to male).

strong, dramatic speaking voice
SKYLER the birthday girl, most enjoys being in control, but her older brother Charlie always steals the attention.
4 lengthy singing solos
CHARLIE Skyler’s older brother, overlooks his younger sister, elected ruler and lets the power go to his head. 2 singing solos
The Troupes
KURT head of The Troupes, strict and disciplined. Some solo singing
KAI Kurt’s best friend, a hip-hop dancer. Some solo singing.
LOGAN intelligent, obedient
TOBY first to lose his/ her cool
PHOENIX short temper
REESE joins The Troupes, eventually switches to the folk musicians
The Folk Musicians
JOY intellectual
LUCKY rebel, energetic
CAMEO laid-back
GAIL locked in the bathroom (3 monologues)
WOLF survivor, fan of “Man vs. Wild” (2 monologues)
JO Chef of Charlandia, not very bright
Some solo singing
FELIX Charlandian, assistant to JO
Some solo singing
QUINN Judge of Charlandia, gets a little carried away at times
Some solo singing
ELI Charlandian, assistant to QUINN. Some duet singing
EMERY Jester of Charlandia. Some solo singing
PIM Charlandian, younger, escapee
LILY Kurt’s younger sibling
SKYLER’S MOM shows up at the very end, should be played by an adult (perhaps Skyler’s real mom?)
KIDS/CHARLANDIA CHORUS Participates in approximately 6 scenes and 6 songs