We are looking for room parents for the 2021-2022 school year.
Please consider being a Room Parent for your child’s class!

Sign up by August 2, 2021

Room parents typically assist classroom teachers with things such as finding parent volunteers to help run or photograph class parties, organizing party supply donations, and managing class funds.
Also, throughout the year, room parents often are asked to forward emails from PTA committees to the classroom families.
The variety of activities with which room parents may be called upon to help will vary by grade level.

Interested? Submit an application now at Room Parent Volunteer Form

Spirit Day – Sports Day

Who is your favorite sports team?
Whom do you like to cheer for?

This is your day to wear your team’s colors.
Do you have a sports shirt or jersey? Maybe you play on a local team.
We know you will be creative and wear appropriate sports attire.
Sports equipment should be left at home, as it may be distracting to others.
You may wear sports caps on this special day.

Spirit Day – Hero and Idol Day

Today is Hero and Idol Day!

Do you have someone you look up to?

Maybe there is someone you think of as your idol.
It could be someone famous from history, someone who has a special talent you admire or someone you just believe is an amazing role model to others.

Today is the day to dress up as that special person.

Please remember to dress in an appropriate manner or you will be asked to change.

Spirit Day – Wacky Wednesday

Today is Wacky Wednesday!

It’s Wednesday, so why not be a little WACKY!!!

Today is the day to show your fun and silly side.
You can wear mismatched socks, crazy colored clothes, silly glasses or wild hair styles.
It’s up to you.

Just make sure you are not too distracting to others so we can still work and learn.

Sprit Day – 80’s Day

Today is 80’s day!

This is the day to learn a little bit about the 1980’s and what people were wearing and doing.
You may want to ask some of the grown ups in your life how old they were in the 80’s and what they remember.
They will probably tell you about some of the fashion that was in style – fluorescent colors

2021 Spirit Week

Spirit Days are your chance to show everyone at Scribner Road your school spirit.
Dress up and have fun. Just remember that if you want to continue the fun, you still must work hard in class.
When are Spirit Days?
Our Spirit Days will be the week of June 14 th . We will have a chance to dress up for five days.