Arts In Education

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The Scribner Road Parent Teacher Association works to support and further the education of students at Scribner Road School. The PTA supports the Arts in Education program, provides volunteers in the school, and plans numerous social activities for students and families throughout the year. A variety of visiting artists come to school each year. Student-generated artistic endeavors are given center stage in the district’s Arts in Education Festival, which draws thousands of visitors every spring.

The mission of the Arts in Education (AIE) Committee is to enhance the arts (visual, theatrical, musical, literary and dance) in the daily curriculum of students and teachers. The events sponsored by AIE funds range from long-term arts residencies to one-day performances.  It is our goal to include arts in every possible educational setting. The committee is a partnership between school teachers, administrators and PTA representatives. Each Penfield school has an AIE committee. Our team at Scribner consists of two teachers and two PTA representatives.

Each year, the PTA, Penfield Central School District, and Monroe #1 BOCES contribute money to the overall AIE budget for each school. And each year the teachers are surveyed for ideas on how AIE can support their classroom curriculum. The AIE Committee considers their requests, follows Penfield AIE Guidelines and coordinates the approved programming. The following is a sampling of sponsored programs: Red Ribbon Week assemblies, Civil War Tales, Reading Program kick-off event, poet in residence, immigration residency, visiting author, Fun Day show, plays, and other presentations. The committee attempts to provide one grade-centered program per grade level, and a number of assembly-type programs for all grades.


AIE chair and committee members work in conjunction with the teacher representatives to:

  1. book performers for school-wide assemblies through Young Audiences of Rochester (YAR)
  2. help with the annual, district-wide Arts-In-Education Festival held each spring

The PTA AIE chairperson keeps the calendar of AIE events and coordinates payment for artists through the PenfieldSchool District. The PTA chairperson also keeps track of the budget and assures that programming costs do not exceed budget.

A PTA representative may also help with set-up before events, take down after events and assure that artists have the requested materials available to them. The PTA will work with teacher reps to coordinate the festival, obtain volunteers and see that the week runs smoothly.


  1. Teacher representatives send out a request for “Wish Lists” to teachers, for the next year’s school programming.
  2. PTA committee chairperson discusses PTA budget for next school year with PTA leadership.


  1. Attend Young Audiences of Rochester showcase! The showcase is presented every other year during even years.


  1. Obtain District and PTA budget amounts.
  2. Committee meeting (with teachers) to plan school year events (including ongoing activities, i.e., Red Ribbon Week, Reading Program Kickoff, Fun Day, etc.) Be sure budget will accommodate year’s need.
  3. Contact artists or submit requests to YAR to book event. (Often done by teachers.)
  4. Complete and submit forms to district for scheduling and field trip bus requests (teacher representative).
  5. Provide the School Secretary with a copy of the schedule and any special needs of artist and/or venue (microphone, chairs, music stand, etc.).
  6. District pays the artists for whom they have paperwork.


  1. District-wide Arts Festival at individual schools.  Recruit volunteers to help with set up and take down (Scribbles, email and/or room parents.)


  1. Day of event: Greet artist at the Main Office and show him or her to the venue; get additional supplies (chairs, water, etc.) For YAR bookings, distribute and remit YAR evaluations (done by teacher committee members).
  2. PSD Meetings: The District holds monthly meetings in which AIE committee members (PTA and Teacher representatives) from each of the schools are invited to attend.  Meetings are monthly (alternate committee member to attend with teacher rep.)
  3. Reconcile budget spreadsheet with District statement: The PTA AIE chairperson works with the PSD AIE secretary, Susan McDonald, to assure funds are available for AIE programming. PSD funds and BOCES funds are used first and PTA funds cover the remainder of programming.  It is helpful to provide two checks to the District: one in November and the remainder in January. Do not send more money than is allocated.