Bingo Night

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Bingo Night is an annual event where families come together in the Bay Trail or PHS Cafeteria to play Bingo! It usually happens in the late-January/February timeframe. Families are invited to attend; teachers help with calling out numbers and reviewing cards. Prizes are given to winning participants.


  1. calling the School Secretary at Scribner in August to make sure there are no conflicts with the night you plan to have the event
  2. calling the High School or Bay Trail to book the cafeteria
  3. calling the Custodians get tables set up
  4. calling the AV Technician at PHS or Bay Trail for microphones and a sound system
  5. mailing out the forms to parents a few months in advance letting them know the day, time, etc.; include the volunteer request form
  6. asking the Principal to help recruit at least two teachers to call out numbers
  7. recruiting volunteers to help with handing out Smarties and with those who call out, “Bingo!”
  8. sending out a map of PHS or Bay Trail; there are signs to put up the day of the event
  9. purchasing supplies including coffee, Smarties, snacks and prizes
  10. setting up the day of the event including coffee, cups, sugar, creamers, Bingo cards and big boards with numbers