Book Share

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The Book Share is an annual event where Scribner families can clean out their bookshelves and do some good at the same time. Books are collected in the cafeteria for 3 consecutive mornings in late winter (generally, February or March). The books are sorted by volunteers on the Saturday morning following the collection. On Monday, every Scribner Road student can come and choose a book to take home (regardless of whether the student brought in books to donate). Teachers, too, choose a book for the classroom. The remaining books (usually 500-600 books) are donated to a local organization (some examples of previous organizations: CASA, different city schools, the Boys and Girls Club of Rochester, Books on the Bus program, Crestwood Children’s Center).

Our book share has many benefits: Students learn how to recycle books; they discover the joy of sharing with others; and they experience the excitement of bringing home a special book.


  1. arranging collection, sorting, and scheduling Book Share dates with the Scribner office
  2. notifying the custodial staff of the Book Share and asking them to save boxes for books
  3. coordinating volunteers for collection, sorting, and the Book Share day
  4. choosing an organization and coordinating with the organization for books to be dropped off or picked up
  5. notifying teachers of the Book Share and arranging the schedule for classes to come choose books