Chess Club

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Chess Club meets after school on Thursdays for eight weeks beginning in January. Each class is divided by grades and a Chess Master rotates weekly among the classes. Instruction and snacks are provided in a structured, noncompetitive, casual atmosphere. It is a great opportunity to learn a new game as well as meet new friends. First graders do very well with our program and many continue on throughout their time at Scribner.



  1. by the first week in September of the new school year, reserving two Chess Masters for the first eight Thursdays after Christmas Break; the Rochester Chess Club phone number is 442-2430
  2. reserving Chess Club dates with the School Secretary by third week of school in September; reserving the cafeteria for times that an entire grade is in there with the Chess Master
  3. confirming Bulletin Board dates with Art Teacher for Chess Club Display


  1. meeting with committee to delegate duties
  2. getting all forms approved by the Principal including Registration Forms, First Grade Promo Form, Code of Conduct, Confirmation Form, and Volunteer Form
  3. contacting the Main Office regarding teacher rooms and names of Teacher Supervisors, if still applicable; there MUST be one peanut/treenut free room per grade level


  1. placing an add in Scribbles in late November and in last issue of December
  2. putting up bulletin board on assigned dates; material to decorate the display case is available in the PTA closet
  3. sending out Registration Forms, Code of Conduct Forms, First Grade Promo Form, and Request for Parent Supervisors for each grade level by second week in December
  4. continuing to check with the Main Office for assigned Chess Club rooms and Teacher Supervisors
  5. asking TV Club to do reminders the week Chess Club forms are due


  1. having registrants placed in classrooms; notifying each grade level Parent Supervisor of his/her volunteer list so volunteers can be contacted each week of Chess Club
  2. sending out Chess Club Confirmation Forms the Tuesday or Wednesday before Chess Club begins
  3. giving a spread sheet with all registrants’ information to the Main Office to keep on file; include Chess Master schedule and Parent and Teacher Supervisor names for each grade
  4. reviewing Chess Club Snacks with school nurse before dispensing them to students
  5. preparing folders for Teacher and Parent Supervisors; providing a class list for attendence, Chess Master Schedule, Dismissal Procedure, and the Volunteer Information Form
  6. ordering key chains the first week of Chess Club so the Chess Masters can bring them when they come the following week.
  7. submitting cost for Chess Masters and key chains so PTA Treasurer can write a check for total amount; once the check is received, paying the Rochester Chess Club
  8. having the Principal sign one award certificate and making copies to hand out to each Chess Club participant; these need to be ready to pass out at the awards ceremony at the end of the year
  9. distributing chess boards and pieces, snacks, gloves, and napkins the first day of Chess Club to each grade Parent Supervisor


  1. calling the Main Office each Thursday morning to inform where Chess Masters will be
  2. taking pictures of Chess Club participants for yearbook, Scribbles, and next year’s bulletin board
  3. coordinating dismissal procedures; committee members must stay until the last student is picked up
  4. on the last Chess Club date, having Parent Supervisors collect all boards, folders, etc. and place them in the PTA closet
  5. on the last Chess Club date, making sure all participants have complete chess sets before putting away their chess supplies


  1. distributing completed award certificates and key chains in each teacher’s mailbox; asking Main Office staff what to do with the fifth grades items