School Pictures

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The school pictures committee is responsible for choosing a school portrait company and acting as a liaison between school administration and the portrait company.


  1. Inquire with school office, teachers and PTA to determine whether current year photography company will hold our business contract for the following year. If a new company is needed, PTA rep must choose company.
  2. Once a company is chosen, dates for Fall pictures and makeup/retake day should be made in the spring for the upcoming school year by the PTA rep acting as a liaison between the photography company and school office.
  3. School Office will coordinate teacher schedule for picture time.
  4. Solicit parent volunteers to help with organizing the classes during picture-taking time. You’ll need 2 parents present at all times. Pictures are taken between 9:00 and 2:30.
  5. Consideration must also be given to 5th grade group photo (taken in the spring) and Spring Pictures option. Dates must be scheduled for both. Check contract and discuss with picture company.
  6. School pictures can be a fund raiser for PTA, though in the past we have not made money off of pictures. This keeps the package cost down for families. Discuss with picture company.
  7. Photography companies can make whole-school teacher picture composite for the office; check to see if the Principal would like one.