Scribner Fall Festival

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The goal of the 1st Annual Scribner Fall Festival was to have an event that was free of charge, welcoming for the whole family and to provide a variety of entertainment, activities and food.


The fall festival provided food from 4 different vendors in 2017.  A pizza food truck, a hotdog and hamburger food truck, a BBQ meats food truck and a cotton candy food truck.  There was 1 “main” formal act that provided 1 hour of entertainment and in 2017 it was The Charlie and Checkers Show.  Outside of the “main” entertainment, activities included a carnival game set up in the gymnasium with 9 different games where kids could win prizes such as footballs, stuffed animals and other misc. items.  In the cafeteria, activities such as cookie decorating, face painting and pumpkin painting were set up for all to enjoy.


Volunteers were used on various levels.  There were committee volunteers who helped plan the event and there were parent volunteers who helped on the day of the event.

Committee Volunteers

  • General planning – brainstorming as a whole group to decide what we wanted this festival to be. Food, games, entertainment, dates, times, budget, etc.
  • Decorating – volunteers discussed how to decorate and where and how to acquire items needed for decorating
  • Games – what games were going to be available and how would we procure those games
  • Prizes – what would the prizes be and what were the best ways to get the prizes.
  • Entertainment – who or what would be the main entertainment and then the communication with all the logistics surrounding the entertainment
  • Food – deciding what food to have at the event and then managing the vendors and the logistics
  • Volunteers – organizing and managing the parent volunteers for the day of the event
  • Activities – deciding what activities would be offered and how we would go about providing those activities

Parent Volunteers

  • Games – needed to help run and organize the carnival games
  • Security – needed to roam around the facility to make sure there were no issues with kids or parents doing or being where they weren’t supposed to be
  • Set up – needed to help set up prior to the event
  • Clean up – needed to help break down and clean up from the event