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Recommended Time-Table & Instructions

September / October

  • Red Wings coordinator will contact us with their schedule and ask us to
  • provide our first three choices of dates and whether we want to sing the
  • National Anthem or God Bless America.
  • Contact principal and chorus teacher with the Red Wings schedule so they can select dates.
  • Once they get their dates choices to you then contact Red Wings coordinator with said choices.
  • The Red Wings coordinator will email to confirm our date.


  • Communicate date via email to PTA President and ask Scribner office staff to add the event to the school calendar.


Confirm date with Redwings and that the correct date is on the school calendars. Prepare and publish “Save-the-Date” via:

  • Scribner Directory email
  • Back pack distribution where necessary


“Save-the-Date” #2 via: ● Scribbles

  • Scribner Directory email


  • Schedule Red Wings Street team visit. Make sure to coordinate date with the office to avoid testing dates, field trips, etc.

April: Approx. 3 weeks before game.

  • Send out order form via back pack mail. Contact Kathy Blackburn to add information to the morning ammouncements.

April:Approx. 2 weeks before game.

  • Order Form #2 LAST CHANCE via back pack mail.
  • Street team visit…they will come in and make an appearance on morning announcements, then visit classrooms. The teachers who do not want Spikes to visit will have a sign on their door.

8-10 days BG

  • Final order submission date (~10 days prior to game; but will pick-up order forms for the next day or two. For all orders received thereafter, call and give guidance on how to purchase tickets independently for $1 more at the Redwings box office)

1 week BG

As I collect ticket orders, I enter them on an Excel spreadsheet; which will be saved as one of the committee forms. Now it’s crunch time:

  • Sort orders in worksheet by grade/teacher, and make note of special seating requests
  • Assign seats (this is the tedious part)
  • If not done already, prepare & print ticket wraps (suggest red paper)
  • Prepare envelope labels (include “Redwings Tickets”, student name,
  • grade, teacher, & ticket quantity).
  • Stuff envelopes & rubber band bundles by teacher
  • Deliver to school office for distribution

Week of Game

Scribner morning announcement drawing event:

  • One student draws winning name for ceremonial 1st pitch
  • Arrange in advance with Anne Ferris & Geoffrey Fitch
  • Supply them with a simple Redwings theme container with names of
  • all Scribner students listed on the order forms


  • Red Wings coordinator will advise on ticket payment due date! The Red Wings require payment in full on one check.
  • Once all orders are collected, organize and submit the payments to PTA treasurer with “request for funds” form, and she will provide a check for total payment to Redwings. Also return any unused tickets.

Game Day

  • Suggest arrive early to greet families, see that band students find their meeting place, and take some pre-game photos. Red Wings will also permit you to go onto field to take pre-game photos of band, 1s t pitch, etc.