Teacher Treats

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The Teacher Treats Committee is responsible for organizing an appreciation breakfast for the teachers and staff six times per school year. The main focus of the committee is to solicit two volunteers per classroom to bring in different breakfast items, purchase additional breakfast items that might be needed, set-up, and clean-up the breakfast. Teacher Treats are normally held on the first Friday of the month.



  1. contacting the School Secretary to pick the dates for the Friday Teacher Treats. Friday Teacher Treats are normally scheduled in October, December, February, March, April and May. The Main Office will assist in assuring that Teacher Treats does not occur on half days, holidays, or when school is not in session. The committee assigns the months to each grade, starting with 5th grade.
    • October 5th Grade
    • December 4th Grade
    • February 3rd Grade
    • March 2nd Grade
    • April 1st Grade
    • May Kindergarten (2 classes from AM Kindergarten & 2 from PM Kindergarten)
  2. assigning each room a particular breakfast item once the months have been assigned to the different grades:
    • Room #1 2 gallons of juice with 40 cups (each volunteer brings in 1 gallon of juice and 20 cups)
    • Room #2 2 dozen bagels/croissants
    • Room #3 doughnuts or doughnut-holes/muffins/coffee cake
    • Room #4 fruit and yogurt
  3. contacting the Room Parent Committee Chairperson to determine the names of the Room Parents before filling out the volunteer sheets; filling out the volunteer sheet for each of the classrooms and giving these sheets to the Room Parent Committee for placement in the Room Parent folders that are given out at the Room Parent Tea in September; requesting the Room Parents put these out during Curriculum Night asking for volunteers


  1. collecting from the Room Parents all of the volunteer sheets that were completed at Curriculum Night


  1. calling the volunteers bringing in the breakfast items to remind them of their donation and when it needs to be in the Teacher’s Lounge
  2. purchasing any additional items that are needed, including paper plates, napkins, and spoons if there are none in the PTA closet; to ensure reimbursement eligibility, check PTA budget first


  1. arriving at the school by 7:30 a.m. to set up all of the breakfast items. Note: Platters are located in the cupboards in the Teachers Lounge.
  2. placing a sign at the end of the counter with the food, telling the teachers and staff who is responsible for the treats – Thanks Teachers! From the 5th grade and the PTA
  3. returning to school around 3:00 p.m. to clean-up after the day of treats

Note: All volunteers are to bring in their donations on Friday around 7:30 a.m.