Teacher/Staff Appreciation

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Our Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week events recognize all our Scribner Road employees. Each year, the PTA provides rewards, refreshments, and other recognitions as a “thank you” to the excellent Scribner Road teachers and staff.


  1. gathering the committee together in January/February to meet and begin planning
  2. contacting the Main Office staff to determine the official week for Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week (usually the beginning of May)
  3. contacting the PTA Treasurer to determine budget
  4. developing a theme for the week
  5. planning one activity or gesture for each day of the week, trying to include a homemade project from the students
  6. sending a letter in April to families indicating the theme and how each child may participate
  7. asking that completed projects be returned to the classroom teachers and placed in an envelope by the teacher; collecting all envelopes by a specified date
  8. compiling the projects and displaying them throughout the school, e.g., on hallway walls and bulletin boards
  9. The week prior to Teacher/Staff Appreciation week, distribute a schedule of events to the staff letting them know what to expect the following week.
  10. during this week, making sure that each day the staff receives a small appreciation for the hard work they do with the children
  11. after the week is finished, compiling a list of volunteers, writing a thank-you article and submitting it to Scribbles
  12. providing a special luncheon for all Scribner staff in the Scribner Road Cafeteria (held annually the day after the last day of school for students)
    • in May, decide on the menu (which items to cater and which to buy/supply ourselves)
    • reserve cafeteria for set date, completing the form for room set up
    • at the beginning of June, order catered items through catering company (has been Wegmans)
    • purchase needed items (paper products, centerpieces, tablecloths)
    • set up luncheon, pick up and deliver catered items, serve buffet style
    • clean up cafeteria and kitchen