Volunteer Coordinators

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Scribner Road PTA has many committees that support the school and children. These committees range from special events for the children to programs which supplement the children’s education, clubs for the children, and fundraising committees which make it possible for the PTA to bring all of these activities to the students. Near the end of every year February time frame) the Volunteer Coordinator contacts committee volunteers to see how many are returning and how many vacancies need to be filled for the following year. The Volunteer Coordinator then works to fill these vacancies. The goal is to fill most of the committees by the end of the school year.

1. contacting the committee volunteers from the current year to see who will be returning on the committees for the following year (start the process after February break)

2. publishing the Committee Volunteer List to the Scribner community showing the open positions on the various committees by:

* checking with the current committee members to see if they can recruit friends/neighbors, etc. to fill open spots.

*putting out email communications to the Scribner community through Enews

* After electronic means have been exhausted, create a hard copy request and send

home with each student (do not include fifth grade students at the end of the year)

3. keeping the list updated as parents volunteer on committees

4. recruiting throughout the year whenever there are vacancies

5. keeping a list of everyone’s contact information for each committee including:

* name

* email address

6. creating a PTA Committee email group and then sending a note to the board members so that they will have all of the committees members’ contact information to create their

own email group

7. sending a copy of the contact info to all board members

8. updating documents as needed

9. Attend PTA meetings as needed