2021 Square One Art

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It’s time for Square One Art!
This year, consistent with most other activities, we are using our online tools to offer special art activities.
Square One is an activity typically done in our art classes at Scribner, where students create special artwork, send it to Square One, and then offer parents the opportunity to purchase items with your son’s or daughter’s art work on it.
This year, our students will have the chance to create special artwork, not in school, but at home!
With your help and the resources on the Square One Art website, valuable artwork you will cherish for years can still be enjoyed despite the restraints we face this year.

To begin the process, we encourage you to visit the parent portal: https://www.square1art.com/parent-portal/

Follow These Simple Steps:
Create Art (see theme suggestions below)
Use 8×8 paper provided or visit Square1Art.com for additional suggestions

  • Photograph and Upload Art by 2/12/21 at Square1Art.com or Send Back to Classroom Teacher by 2/12/21
  • Shop for Keepsakes

Themes From Past Years (Feel free to create outside of these themes):

  • K = Cupcakes
  • 1st = Rainbow/Self Portrait
  • 2nd = Sunshine Faces/Warm and Cool Colors
  • 3rd = Giant Bugs
  • 4th = Outer Space/Crazy Hair Day – Black and White
  • 5th = Self Portraits

Additional Ideas:

A Day in Your Favorite Season
A Picture of Your Favorite Flower(s) Alone or in a Garden or Vase
Draw Your Favorite Farm Animal or Pet
Draw a Fairytale House

Important Points to Remember:

Make your drawings super colorful!
Use mediums like markers, oil pastels, and construction paper.
Colored pencils and crayons are not bright enough or are too messy for the project.
Please contact Michelle Gibbs with any questions.