Square 1 Art Deadline has been extended

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Calling All Artists!

We Have Extended The Deadline To March 5, 2021

Scribner Students Create Artwork On The Square 1 Art Paper and Send It In To School By 3/5/21.

Follow These Simple Steps:
 Create Art
 Use 8×8 paper provided or visit Square1Art.com for art paper template
 Photograph and Upload Art by 3/5/21 at Square1Art.com OR
 Send Back to Your Classroom Teacher by 3/5/21
 Shop for Keepsakes

Important Points to Remember and Additional Ideas:
 Make your drawings super colorful!
 Use mediums like markers, oil pastels and construction paper.
 Avoid Colored pencils and crayons for this project.
 Visit Square1Art.com to view art lessons or additional ideas

Square1Art Flyer 2.23.21