Parent University – Supporting Students to Build Friendships & Create Positive Peer Relationships

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Parent University event provided by Penfield SEPTA on Wednesday, January 19th

Supporting Students to Build Friendships & Create Positive Peer Relationships

Christine Nail: RCSD Elementary School Teacher w/a Specialization in Autism Studies, currently finishing a Master’s program in Inclusive Childhood Education at Nazareth College Friendship can be a difficult topic for students and even many adults.

How we form friendships can be influenced by our surroundings, how we understand the world, and our neurological differences.

Christine Nail studied friendship and loneliness among students diagnosed with autism and will present on understanding friendship ideals and how parents, teachers and school staff can support student friendships among peers.

Christine will highlight how to support friendship across general and special education environments and specific supports for students on the autism spectrum.

Questions are welcome!

The audience for this presentation is all parents and educators who want to improve friendship quality among children. Recommendations will be made for all children but could be especially useful for parents and educators of children with high social communication needs.

This is an especially timely topic given the social emotional needs of all students living through a global pandemic.

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All are welcome and encouraged to attend!

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