Spirit Week

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Spirit Days are your chance to show everyone at Scribner Road your school spirit, dress up and have fun.

When are Spirit Days?
Our Spirit Days will be the week of June 13 th . We will have a chance to dress up for five days.

The schedule for Spirit Days is as follows…
Monday, June 13 th – Future Self Day
What do you think you will be like in 20 years? What do you think you will look like?
What do you think you will be doing?
Well, here’s your chance to share your predictions.
On Future Self Day, dress in a way that shows what you think you will be like 20 years from now.
Use your creativity and have some fun!

Tuesday, June 14 th – Patriotic Day
Let’s hear it for the red, white and blue.
Show everyone how proud you are to be an American.
It’s also Flag Day, so you’ll be all ready to celebrate!

Wednesday, June 15 th – Wacky Wednesday
It’s Wednesday, so why not be a little WACKY?!?!
Today is the day to show your fun and silly side.
You can wear mismatched socks, crazy colored clothes, silly glasses or wild hair styles.
It’s up to you.
Just make sure you are not too distracting to others so we can still work and learn.

Thursday, June 16 th – Teacher/Student Swap Day
This is your chance to dress like the adults at school!
Maybe there’s a special teacher or staff member who you think it would be fun to be for the day.
Here is the second part to this fun day… the teachers and staff get to dress like the kids!

Friday, June 17 th – Sports Day
Who is your favorite sports team? Whom do you like to cheer for?
This is your day to wear your team’s colors, hats and other fan gear.
This is also our Scribner Fun Day so you will be all ready to run around and have fun!

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